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Garage door covers a huge part of the face of your home, its one of the first things people see as they walk up to your home. It receives a lot of exposure from weather and pollutants, and the restoration has made a big difference. If you are planning to sell your house and have not painted the front face especially garage door (which holds the highest impressions)

If you are planning to put the property up for sale and you have not painted, old or tired looking door can detract value of your house. That’s why the garage door painting is very important.

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At Painters Edmonton, we provide our clients with professional and comprehensive garage door painting services residential and commercial needs. We have been painting garage doors for years, and they know how to paint it quickly as possible without compromising quality. We offer both traditional paint and new (spray) paint solutions because we have all the important resources(professionals and equipment) so that we can work best.

Our Garage Door Painting Service Include:

  • Painting
  • Painting of trim
  • Painting of window casings
  • Epoxy or paint application to garage floor
  • Garage floor coating/painting

We do paint/refinish on aluminum and wooden garage doors in the way that it will look like new again. Here is What we do for that:

  • Firstly, we clean the surface
  • Remove all loose paint and prepare it for the painting process.
  • We fix minor dings and dents on the doors where possible.

We do that according to your specific needs. We use a high-quality color paint of your choosing, and make sure to apply paint evenly and layered in such a way that provides the optimal appearance and top quality durability and longevity.

Why Your Garage Door Must Be Painted?

Because it highlights your house.

Let say you have a rough looking 40-years-old or new wooden or steel garage door it, will not look beautiful until you paint it. This will make your house look rough even it is painted well. Your garage door needs paint for several reasons:

1. Longevity

Cedar faced, or wooden style garage doors are becoming more and more popular. These doors should be stained once every two years and steel garage doors should be painted at a minimum of once every ten years. To protect the enamel, and prevent corrosion between the panels, it is important that you paint your steel garage door about as often as you paint your home.

2. Appearance

A gallon of paint or stain can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home. Whether you decide to use the color to contrast your existing trim of the house or go with a unique design, your home will be modified.

3. Functionality

Preventing rot, corrosion, an exposure are important as well. Especially with wooden garage doors, maintenance such as painting can triple the life of your door. Once the wood or steel begins to split or rot, the hinges, struts, and other components begin to pull loose.

4. Value

This is really you want to care about. If you paint or stain the garage door, it increases the value of your house.

Our Process:

Here is what we do to make your door look new with our painting:

Step one:
Firstly, we prepare the area. It is always a good idea to clean at first. So, we start carefully by removing the weatherstripping and the old caulking.

Step two:
Prepare the door. Special tape is deployed around the garage door, and a tarp is laid across the floor to make certain that no paint lands on any of the surround areas.

Step three:
Prepare the spraying machine. The paint spraying machine must always be properly prepared for the job at hand.

Step four:
Apply the first coat. A light coat is applied to the garage door to prepare the door for its final coat. Our technicians make sure to deploy the proper safety gear for the occasion.

Step five:
Take care of the details. After the first coat is deployed, a paint brush is used to brush over small crevices and other hidden sections. A ladder is often used for this step.

Step six:
Deploy the final coat. Once the first coat is dry, a technician will prepare the paint machine again and apply a final heavy coat.

Step Seven:
Clean up. Now that the final coat is applied, all the tape is removed, and the tarp underneath the door is packed up. Any areas that have excess paint on them are thoroughly wiped with a special cleaning gel.

Our Garage Floor Painting / Coating Service

Whether you’re looking to seal and protect an unpainted garage floor, or looking to repaint a worn out garage floor, Painters Edmonton has you covered. A well painted and sealed garage floor is both attractive and protective and continually proves to be a worthwhile investment for any home or business owner.

As a well-established Edmonton painting company, we provide garage floor painting services for garages of all shapes and sizes. We can paint your garage a solid color, add unique patterns, or even apply anti slip paints. The customization options are endless, and the results are always of the highest quality.

Our team will clean and prepare your garage floor for painting, and remove all dirt, grime and debris allowing the surface to be properly ready for painting. We provide high-quality paint options in various colors and styles and are highly flexible with custom paint solutions from providers of your choosing. During your garage floor painting, we make sure to remove all items from the garage and have them safely stored and covered out of the way. As well, we always make sure that a sufficient amount of paint is applied to garage floors, we with no bubbling or inconsistencies. Overall, we provide the most practical and attractive garage floor painting solutions available.

(We also dustless hardwood floor refinishing service in Edmonton)

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