Fence & Deck Painting & Staining Edmonton, AB


Looking for affordable fence & deck painting, stripping, refinishing, cleaning, repair, sealing & staining contractors in Edmonton, AB?

At Painters Edmonton, we provide customers with exterior paint solutions that have their property looking brand new again. Whether you’re looking to have your deck stained or your fence painted, we have the skills, know-how and equipment to get the job done beautifully, on-time and on budget!

With so many different types of wood for decks and fences taking a beating from the harshness of the Edmonton climate, it takes expert application to properly protect these surfaces. We understand which products work best, and by working with Edmonton’s best carpenters and landscaping companies, we’ve learned what is needed to get the job done right the first time on projects ranging from decorative lattice and gazebos to trellises and custom fences.


Deck Painting & Staining

When it comes to deck painting and deck staining, we work with our clients to make sure that the best course of action is undertaken, and the best possible results are achieved. First, we prepare your deck for painting, cleaning off all debris and identify any boards that need replacing or modification before deck painting or deck staining proceeds. We then apply the paint of your choosing, or apply a matching paint for touch up jobs, and ensure that the paint is applied evenly and dries without bubbling or cracking. Finally, we inspect the deck painting/deck staining application, review all work and touch up any areas of concern as necessary.

deck and fence painting in edmonton deck cleaning and staining in Edmonton deck of a house being painted deck painted in edmonton alberta


 Fence Painting & Staining

We offer top quality fence painting and fence staining solutions. Whether you’re looking to have your fence painted a solid color, or wish to have its natural wood qualities amplified through fence staining, we provide custom fence services. We make sure that all of  the fence paint and stain is applied thoroughly, covers all sides of the fence, and most importantly, looks great! We work with clients to make sure they choose the optimal paints or stains, and provide insights into color or shade selection.


Why us?

  1. Discuss your desired end result
  2. Consult with our designer for color and finish recommendations
  3. Protect your belongings and landscaping
  4. Prepare all exterior surfaces to be painted – scraping, sanding, washing, sealing
  5. Use top quality tools to expertly apply your coatings


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