Edmonton Aluminum, Wood & Vinyl Siding Painting


Are you looking to update the look of the siding of your home?

aluminium siding painting edmontonPainting home siding is something that most of us will encounter in our lifetimes so it is important to know a little bit about it. Many houses in this day and age have moved away from the rustic wooden planks or bricks to something much more practical: vinyl or aluminum siding. Living in the city of Edmonton, vinyl and metal siding on houses is the best choice in order to face those harsh winters and blistering summers. And as summer creeps up on us, it’s the perfect time for your old siding to get freshened up!

Painting Exterior Aluminum siding is actually our most popular and requested service. Painting aluminum siding is when it is still in good condition but the paint coating has probably faded or in some cases totally disintegrated.

Another common problem with siding maintenance is the caulking of it. Caulking deteriorates after years of wear and tear and is a common problem with the exterior of Edmonton homes. So as part of our Painting service, we can repair or replace any damaged areas, change the planks repair holes or dent and Re-caulk your aluminum siding to protect it from water and air leakage.


Steps and tips for painting your siding

Painting home siding is about more than just looking pretty – it will yield both aesthetic and structural benefits. Repainting can refresh old and weathered siding, giving it a new appearance and ultimately making your home look better. This is a great idea if you are planning on selling your home, or if you are looking for a budget-friendly way to change up your exterior! But even further than that, new paint can also improve the siding’s ability to do its job. Siding is put in place in order to protect our homes from the elements, and in Edmonton, with our wild temperature swings and extremes, this is no easy feat. Read below to find a few crucial steps and helpful tips for painting your siding!


1. Getting Started Painting Home Siding

Edmonton weather can be difficult to plan around, but this is a crucial step in deciding when to paint your siding. To make sure that the paint you apply goes on strong and lasts long, avoid choosing a day that is sweltering hot or too rainy and cold to paint. Days that are warm and slightly overcast are the best days for painting siding. They provide a temperate climate that is perfect for painting, ensuring that each coat dries evenly and smoothly.


2. Prepping and Priming

The next important step, once you have decided to paint your siding, is to ensure that you are prepping it correctly. First, Give your siding a thorough pressure washing in order to get rid of the dirt and dust that have built up over time. Next, make sure to spot prime any bare aluminum or, if you have vinyl siding, use a paint formulated to adhere properly to the surface. Not all paints will adhere to vinyl surfaces.

Once you have cleaned and primed your siding, you can begin the painting process!


3. Maintenance

Now that your siding looks as good as a show home, let’s make sure it stays that way! Regular maintenance is key for ensuring a good-looking, durable finish that will last you years. In order to maintain that freshly-painted vinyl siding, make sure you pressure wash it either at the beginning or end of each summer to remove any stuck-on dust, dirt, or insects. If you have painted aluminum siding make sure to inspect yearly for any paint chipping and scrape and repaint ASAP to preserve the rest of the painted siding! While you’re out there, be sure to look out for things that may need little fixes in order to keep the exterior of your Edmonton home in tip-top shape!

Doing a proper and effective job on the siding of your home can be quite a large task, especially if you have a multi-storey house, trees in the way, extreme wear and tear on the old coat of paint, hills, etc. If you feel like it’s too big for you to take on, don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free quote! We have all the tools, equipment, experience, and skills necessary to make your siding look its best. All you’ll have to do is admire it when we’re done!

You can reach us at our office at 780-800-0509 to find out more about our work in the Edmonton area, and how we can help with any other interior painting or exterior painting jobs you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!