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Are you ready to get your exterior and interior doors and windows painted?

Painters Edmonton specializes in windows and doors painting, caulking, and repainting. From large bay windows to bedroom doors, we paint all types of interior and exterior doors and window frames.

If you don’t know, we are the go-to windows and doors trimming and painting company in Edmonton. Why? Because we have the expert in our team and knows all sorts of painting works and experienced over 7 years.

To be honest, this is not an easy task as you think. This requires special skills, equipment, and specific paints to ensure extraordinary results. Experts in our team have painted countless numbers of doors and windows, and made look like new again! We use high-quality enamel mostly for windows and varnish or enamel as you want for doors.

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Painters Edmonton
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Looking to get the windows and doors painted?

If you want to get interior or exterior windows and doors painted, call Painters Edmonton for a free estimate today.
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Here is what we do (Our process)

Painting windows is not an easy job. Especially if you have more than one pane of glass.
To start, what we do is open it so that you can paint frame and railing too and remove all the removable hardware(lock, hinges, and handles). Then, start painting several coats of enamel after cleaning thoroughly.
First, we come to your area and assess your needs and provide information about any necessary restoration required, the proper types of paints required and provide color samples that fit with your existing or new style.

Before we start painting, we make sure that all surfaces are clean before begin. Then remove all doorknobs and surrounding belonging from the area to avoid any potential splatter or damage. Also, we always use drop sheets around all areas of work to ensure no paint or debris is transferred to the floor.

We make sure that all our paint is applied thoroughly, consistently, and provide the best color intensity you desire! We ensure that either the job is done right or not, looks great or not, and ensure that we leave your home in a clean and respectful state!

This is what we do for the interior.

Our process for painting Exterior:

First, we prepare your front door for painting. We sand the door down and remove existing paint and clean it to make sure that the paint bonds properly.

We then start painting your door using high-quality paint products and color according to your choice. Then ensure that the color depth and intensity is exactly as you desire. We apply as many coats as necessary to achieve optimal strength, shine and overall appearance to make our job best as possible and satisfy you.

Finally, we inspect all work to make sure that the whether the result is as you expected or not. We always make sure that our painting is of the highest quality, and best possible appearance.

Regardless if you need your interior and exterior door and window of your residential or commercial building painted, we provide that which results as your satisfaction and outstandingly great finishing.


Think about this when you’re considering an outdoor renovation:

Keep Water and Weather Out

  • Caulking seals up any gaps or cracks between the wall and your windows or doors. Small cracks can appear from weather or even just the house settling.
  • Many Edmonton homes are older and need preventative maintenance. These cracks might start small, but they can cause big problems.
  • Sealing your windows and doors prevents water from penetrating into the walls or the inside of the house.
  • Proper caulking prevents moisture build-up and mold.

Keep Your Money In

  • Repairing water damage from storms and floods is one of our most common calls here at Painters Edmonton. Professionally caulked and sealed windows and doors can prevent or reduce the impact of leaks, saving you money on costly repairs.
  • Caulking can also help lower your heating and cooling costs. You don’t want your air conditioner working overtime in the summer if properly caulking your windows can keep that cool air inside where it belongs.
  • Caulk can protect your overall investment and extend the life of your home.

Look Great

  • You always want your home looking great. Peeling or flaking caulking looks like a problem waiting to happen. Punch up your curb appeal and your home’s external appearance by repairing and replacing your existing caulking

Where can we use caulking?

Caulking is most commonly applied around windows and door, but it can also be used to finish and seal other parts of the exterior of your home:

  • concrete slabs
  • roof flashing
  • aluminum siding and trim
  • vinyl siding and trim
  • and anywhere else you’re worried about the weather!

So how do we caulk?

There are several types of caulking on the market, and we recommend only using the best. Mono, Dymeric, Dap, and Dow Corning are all quality caulking brands that we use, depending on the circumstance and budget. There are several different levels of caulking. What we recommend always depends on your needs and budget. We want our customers to get the right advice for their situation.

Here are the two most popular means of applying exterior caulking:

Option 1:

  • We completely remove the existing caulking, insulate, and then re-caulk the entire window or door.
  • This means scraping and chiseling out all the existing caulking, then filling the gap with foam insulation. To finish, we run a new bead of high-quality industrial caulking across the gap to seal the entire area.
  • This is more expensive, but at the same time is the most thorough method of external caulking.

Option 2:

  • Simply fill in all the existing gaps with new high-quality Dap or Mono caulking.
  • We clear away the loose debris before we start, but if the caulking is old, weak, and brittle it is always better to remove it before applying new caulk.
  • This is the less expensive option, and we always recommend going with Option 1 because it provides a better seal. However, if you’re worried about your budget, sometimes this method works just as well.

Looking to get the windows and doors painted?

If you want to get interior or exterior windows and doors painted, call Painters Edmonton for a free estimate today.
Call us now at (780) 800-0509