Our Ceiling Painting Services

Looking to get your ceiling painted? At Painters Edmonton, we do stipple, textured and popcorn ceilings etc.

We specialize in textured, California knockdown and popcorn ceiling finishes and removal of a texture. To cut it simple we do all the finishes including artex and a smooth level 5 flat finish. Or just show us what you’re looking for and we can match it. If you have a damaged ceiling and need it repaired, that’s fine too. We can work to your schedule if needed.

Preparation is the majority of work when it comes to painting ceilings. Before starting to paint, we ask our clients to remove the expensive and breakable items. We want everything to go smoothly. The best way to paint is by spraying.

After removing the breakable items, we cover the furniture. Furniture should be draped or covered with plastic and run cotton drop cloths on all the floors. Nowadays painters use latex paint with a minimal sheen (flat).

Nowadays we have stopped using oil and solvent based paints for environmental reasons. Although there are still other products available for sealing up stains and painting ceilings that have been let go too long.

When painting we spray from different angles i.e 2 different directions to ensure the stipple has been thoroughly covered. When you want your it to be painted white then you don’t need two coats, one coat is enough but with the paint other than white, two coats are needed.

A lot of things should be taken into consideration like the tape that is applied to the upper wall area must be removed securely because if there is old and poor quality paint or fresh paint on the walls it becomes to be very hard to remove.

You will have some old wall paint for touch ups otherwise you may be painting the walls in these areas as the new types of environmentally friendly paints will not match the old paint on the walls.

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