Office Decor Ideas for Small Budgets

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all kit out our offices as lavishly as we liked? With so many high-end office furniture stores in Edmonton, you might assume every business has a limitless fund for fitting-out and decorating their offices, but the good news is, your office decor doesn’t need to be pretentious or bankrupt you. In fact, there are plenty of office decor ideas for smaller budgets. Here are a few of our favorites…

1. A splash of personality

The best offices spaces aren’t just clean and functional; they also capture something of the spirit of the company. To create a feel that’s personal to you and your business, once you have the bare bones of your office design in place, keep a small part of your budget aside for a couple of unique touches. They don’t have to be expensive, but simply having a feature wall, a few antiques or a couple of vintage touches is enough to make your office your own. When it comes to all office decor ideas, in fact, we believe that the more personable they are, the better.

2. Keep it neat

A clean, tidy office will always look better than a dirty, disorganized one, but sadly, it takes no time at all to look like a storm has swept through it. Thankfully, an easy office decor idea is that you can help to keep your office neat and tidy without breaking the bank. You can keep nests of cables, cords, and wires out of sight with plastic ties and Velcro strips or by running cords along the backside of your desks using eye hooks or clips. Here are a few other tips and tricks to tidy up your rat nest of cables.

3. Bring the outdoors in

One of the cheapest but most effective office decor ideas is to bring the outdoors in. Not only do plants look great and add life to your office space but they also clean the air by filtering out pollutants and neutralising the chemicals found in furniture and decorating materials. They also oxygenate your office to reduce stuffiness, improve concentration levels and boost wellness at work. Here are some of the best plants to clean your office air.


4. Put up a couple of BIG pieces of art

When we say art, we’re not talking about splashing out on a couple of Old Masters. There are plenty of options out there that won’t break the bank and are delightful office decor ideas. Corporate art doesn’t have to be boring. Shun the trite inspirational phrases and go for something big, bold and colourful.

Simply downloading a digital photo online, printing it out, matting it and framing it is a great way to create some unique art for less. And don’t skimp on size. A couple of genuinely big pieces will bring the whole office together.

5. Bright lighting ideas

If there’s one consistently horrible thing about offices in terms of office decor ideas, it’s the fluorescent lighting that runs along most of the ceilings. If your office gets a lot of natural light then try to keep the artificial lighting minimal. Task-lighting that illuminates a particular space or other decorative lights that fit your decor is a far more attractive solution.

Looking for some more office decor ideas?
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By: Royal Painting Edmonton. (Painters Edmonton)