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Sandblasting or abrasive blasting is the process used to clean a surface by means of an abrasive such as sand, bead or shot directed at high velocity against the product or surface. It is one of the most effective cleaning methods in the industrial sector. Essentially tiny pieces of material are blasted at high velocity and directed at a surface. Performing this types of job requires special equipment and trained expertise. And, both of these are available with Painters Edmonton. It’s a versatile cleaning method that makes it appropriate for many industries. Commercial and industrial businesses require specialized sandblasting and we have extensive experience in providing such services.

Why should you do Sandblasting (Especially For Industrial)?

  1. Get Rid of Dirt
  2. Removes Corrosion and Rust
  3. To smooth the surface
  4. The removal of efflorescence or other contaminants from concrete or brick
  5. The removal of graffiti from decorative concrete or brick
  6. Rids a surface of anything that may be sticking to it
Sandblasting Edmonton

Looking for Sandblasting and Coating Services in Edmonton, AB.?

We do provide the wide range of home services like painting and repairing services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings/properties including that.

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But There is Risk Doing This:

Although we do sandblast with the carefully controlled process, there can be dangers involved. Inhaling dust for an extended period during this process can be harmful to lungs and could even result in the development of silicosis.

The abrasive media can also be harmful to your eyes and skin. So, we use protective wear and proper ventilation is essential components to making our process safe.

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Our Professional Sandblasting Service:

At Painters Edmonton we have professionals to do that and can handle all your residential, commercial and industrial sandblasting needs.

We specialize in brush blasting, coating removals, and exposing broom concrete & exposed aggregate too.

As well as part of our pre-treatment and surface preparation processes we use abrasive blasting as a means of rust and paint removal for the restoration of cabinets, outdoor garden furniture, security doors and screens, frames, car parts, bicycles and motorcycle parts as well as many other applications

We comprehend the special requirements (team and tools) for your business and deliver accordingly. From scheduling an appropriate time to ensuring that your business operation is not interrupted, we execute a carefully laid out plan.

Finally, with Painters Edmonton, you will get professionals who are well trained and experienced. Furthermore, all safety compliance are maintained when we perform sandblasting.

Why  Choose us?

Our focus is on quality, reliability, safety and customer satisfaction. You will find our team of professionals courteous, trustworthy and convenient.

      • Qualified, Certified, Licensed, Insured and Experienced.
      • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
      • We are a trusted and dependable small local business
      • Full Warranties on Material and Labour as standard – 7 years
      • We own all our scaffolding – no outsourcing of any work
      • All our worksites comply with strict WorkSafe regulations

It’s the risky work, you should have adequate experience and equipment for that. So, you need professionals to do that safely. We at Painters Edmonton provide this service.

If you need, call us at (780) 800-0509 or fill our contact form to know how we work and how we can help you with that, we are quick responsive.

Looking for safest and professional sandblasting company in Edmonton, AB?

We do provide the wide range of home services like painting and repair services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings/properties including that.

Call us now at (780) 800-0509.