How to Easily Remove Wallpaper?

How to Easily Remove Wallpaper?


As exciting as it is to get new wallpaper installed in your house, replacing it can be quite frustrating. Trying to peel it off without leaving the gunky backing on your walls is a feat no less difficult than buying the exact amount of paint for your home painting project. However, with a little knowledge, coupled with the right equipment and a lot of patience, anyone can successfully peel their dated wall covering off without losing their hair. Here’s how you can easily become a pro at wallpaper removal.


Prepare the Room

This process isn’t going to be pretty, so you’re going to want to prep your room for the challenge ahead. First, place tarps at the base of your walls to protect your floors from the solution you’ll be using to peel the wallpaper. Then, remove all outlet and light switch covers so you don’t damage them. Lastly, cut power to the room for safety purposes.


Fill your Wallpaper with Holes 

You want your wallpaper to be porous so whatever solutions you use can seep through the adhesive backing. All you need is a wallpaper scorer so you can punch small holes in your covering. It’s best to have holes at the top, middle and bottom of the wall so your solution hits all of the gunky material.


Pick Your Solution

There are a variety of different solutions that can make your wallpaper less adhesive and easier to peel off. You have a choice of numerous commercially-prepared products, or alternative methods like mixing fabric softener with water and using a steam wallpaper stripper.


Start Spraying and Peeling

Now it’s time to soak your walls. Begin by picking a section you can comfortably strip in 15 to 20 minutes. Then, let the solution you’re using soak the paper for a few moments and begin peeling. Work from the bottom up and use a wide, sharp tool to help remove the covering (we recommend a putty knife). Repeat this process until your walls are bare.


Clean Up 

In addition to tossing out your old wallpaper and spraying down your tarps, you need to wash your walls to ensure all of the adhesive backings is gone. Mix soap and hot water, grab a sponge and start scrubbing your walls until all of the gunk is gone. To cap everything off, do one last rinse with clean water and use a towel to dry everything off.


If you follow these steps, wallpaper removal is doable on your own. However, sometimes it’s best to leave a sensitive job like this in the hands of experienced professionals. The painters at Painters Edmonton have been cleanly stripping walls for years and will gladly handle it for you so you can attend to other tasks. Give us a call or fill out our online for to receive your free quote today!

By: Royal Painting Edmonton. (Painters Edmonton)