Use these tips from house painters in Edmonton to decorate your home attic.

For many second story homes, having an attic space is a benefit. Converting your attic into a usable room provides a valuable living space that has tremendous potential. Your attic could be a bedroom, playroom, home office, gym, or meditation space. Whatever the use, you’re going to want to navigate decorating wisely. Before you begin, check out what house painters in Edmonton advise.

The Issues

Attic spaces feature several design challenges, including slanted walls and poor lighting. The way you choose to decorate the space can make a significant difference in its comfort and attractiveness. As painting is usually the first step in decorating, ensure that you wind up with the ideal attic room with these tips!

Remember Primer

When painting any room, it’s tempting to hurry the project along to get to the fun part of adding color. However, it’s crucial to prepare an attic room’s walls to accept paint if you want to ensure the best results. Drywall is often used to finish attic walls, so skipping a primer could result in uneven paint.

Select One Color

Attic rooms usually have odd-shaped spaces, short walls, and slanting ceilings. Because of this, you may be tempted to choose multiple colors to paint each wall, accentuating their distinct shape. Doing so, however, can actually chop up the space and make it feel shorter and smaller than it is. Choose a single shade for the room’s walls and ceilings so that it appears larger and the ceiling seems higher.

Opt for Light

One light color helps to create a calmer feeling for the room. It will also reflect the light, which is helpful in an attic room that doesn’t have many windows and lacks natural light. While is an ideal color for a bright and airy feel, while a cream or beige works if you don’t want too stark a look. If you can help it, avoid dark colors because you don’t want to create a dark cave room.

Choose the Right Finish

For an attic, you want to choose a paint finish that is slightly reflective so light bounces around the room more easily. Choose an eggshell or satin finish that offers a soft sheen that helps to keep the room light and bright. Semi-gloss or gloss finish paints may be too reflective and wind up accentuating every dent and flaw in the walls! or what you can do is attic or loft conversion.

When you’re ready to paint your attic, talk to the professional house painters in Edmonton. With the team’s knowledge, experience, and passion for painting, your attic will transform. Visit us today in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Fort Saskatchewan, Gibbons  to get started!

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