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Looking for affordable house painters in Edmonton, AB? We’re a professional residential/house painting contractors/company serving Edmonton and surrounding areas.

We have been painting homes in Edmonton for over 6 years. Our painters are professional, skilled and experienced. We show up on time & finish on time. Our estimates are very detailed and exact, allowing us to make the deadlines set out to paint your house. This eliminates unnecessary time to finish your painting or confusion during billing time. All aspects of interior and exterior house painting in Edmonton and area.

We are a team of skilled professional residential painters with loads of knowledge and expertise. Our excellent reputation with all of our customers has been the strong foundation of our companies growth. Our residential and commercial painting reference lists are extensive.

We are certified, insured, bonded and licensed house painters in the city of Edmonton. Set up a painting estimate and ask to see our extensive customer’s references and call us today. We’re fully covered by WCB and we accept no money

We’re fully covered by WCB and we accept no money up front until the job is done and till our customer is satisfied.


Our house painting services:


How much does it cost to paint a house in Edmonton?

Cost of painting or repainting depends upon a number of factors and we’ll need to discuss your project in person, but don’t worry our prices are affordable and less than you might expect.

Let’s say your house is 1500 sq. ft. of floor space but the painter is not painting the floors, they are painting the walls, trims, and ceilings.

To give you an example, take a 10 X 12 room, 8 ft ceilings – maybe a bedroom. You have 120 sq. ft. of floor space but for painting you actually have 120 sq. ft. of the ceiling, 350 sq. ft. of walls (minus openings, 2 doors & 1 window – probably about 65 to 70 sq. ft.) and about 90 to 100 linear feet of trim. If you have a crown as well, add about 44 lineal feet of trim.

You are actually painting 300 sq. ft of walls and ceilings, 70 sq. ft. of doors, and 100 lineal feet of trim. We’re assuming 3 colors (walls, ceiling, trim) but if you are like my wife, maybe a feature wall so 4 colors in some rooms.

When we do a paint job, most of the actual labour is in the prep work – scraping loose paint, plaster/drywall compound, patching, sanding, filling little holes, sometimes moving furniture, laying down & moving drop cloths etc., etc. then a good quality primer and at least 1 and sometimes 2 coats of good quality paint, depending on the colours and colour changes.

We can’t comment on the actual price you got but can only assume that the painter had a good look around, did some measuring, made notes about how much prep is needed, got a clear idea of what you want in the finished product, and gave you a fair price for the work. If you want to confirm or compare his price, you should get 2 or 3 more quotes but make sure you use the same specification for all so you can actually do a fair comparison.


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