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Are you looking to have the exterior painters in Edmonton?

The experts of Painters Edmonton are highly experienced house painters and nerd exterior painters in Edmonton. In fact, we are best in our field. We serve in and out Edmonton city and surroundings and painted hundreds of new and old homes. This is because every client wants beautiful and durable finishing result and that we accomplish. which is 99.99% guaranteed. There is little point paying for your house to be painted if it is going to peel within 12 months due to lack of preparation or the use of cheap paint and materials.

We paint and have painted both large and small, new old all sorts of homes throughout Edmonton, sometimes just the front facade or windows depending what needs to be painted. Every house we paint is different – some are very straightforward and some are more complex due to height, condition and power lines and facilities. However, we completed it successfully and our customers are satisfied and even refer us to others.

Commercial Exterior Painting
After Painting the Exterior of the house in Edmonton
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after painting small house

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Our Service for home exteriors:

Our these services range from residential to commercial to industrial houses and the quality of job and workers are same.

As we provide a 5-year warranty against faulty workmanship you can be assured we are looking to provide a long and durable finish. We are more on providing value than service and earning more.

Usually, we make a quote appointment with you where we assess the condition of your home and determine the correct process to follow to provide a long-term durable finish. We have to consider many things when painting the exterior of your home.

Painting weatherboard houses are different to painting rendered or painted brick homes. Timber always needs more preparation than mortar sometimes including oil-based primers and undercoats depending on the type or quality of the timber used or even stripping the paint particularly if the old lead paint is starting to peel and crack.

We always test new pre-primed weatherboards prior to painting as the primer may need to be sanded off and a more suitable primer reapplied before we can paint. If we don’t do this the weatherboards may be peeling within 12 months. We are fully equipped with required tools and field-tested techniques for that.

Other houses have different issues such as lack of access or power lines very close to the building. There may be a situation where the render keeps cracking – this is common on garden walls where there is on-going dampness and with 2-storey homes. Many homes have wrought iron fences and lacework and this needs to be dealt with differently to timber and render.

Since we took the first step in the business, we have come across most situations and are confident in our ability to successfully manage small and large projects.

Our Exterior Painting Process:

Usually, our process of painting interior and exterior is almost same. But completely different than of others in workmanship, quality, and support. Here is our process aka how we do the job:


We never do any job without protecting other areas. So at first, we start painting project after protecting all surfaces that aren’t being painted. We protect every area with drop sheets, shielding or plastic them not only from paint splatters but more importantly from flaking paint that has been removed during the preparation stage.


The exterior of the home is seen by all. So, it must look astonishing and aspiring. For the effective and efficient painting of exterior, extensive preparation is required. So, our next process is preparing the area to be painted and undertake some of the activities like these (only if required):

  1. Pressure wash all the surfaces.
  2. Sand all surfaces and sand in between coats
  3. Remove all flaking paint, blisters, and rust
  4. Fill gaps, cracks and fix the imperfections
  5. Power sand weatherboards and other flat surfaces
  6. Plane windows and doors to ensure the function after painting
  7. Prime all bare timbers and fillers prior to painting

By the way, we also do pressure washing. Here is more detail.

Start the main job:

After doing these all things, we start painting the exterior of your house. We have experienced and skilled color consultation experts who recommend you right color that suits your house and painting specialist. We never use low quality and gibberish paint colors. So, we apply high-quality and branded and reputed paint colors so that your house look more beautiful and in fact most beautiful in entire locality.

For your information, our painters are highly skilled, stable, certified and licensed.

Safely Working at Heights:

Our team is trained and licensed in different areas that allow us to work safely at heights. Most of our staff have licenses to operate machinery that lets us get to those hard to reach places. We also have several staff who are trained to work in harnesses whilst working at heights, allowing us to get where the machines can’t.

We also use scaffolding on many of our repaints, we hold relationships with several cost effective scaffolding companies in Edmonton. We organize onsite inspections before commencing to ensure the right scaffold is in place to keep everyone safe.

Timber/Wood Rot Treatment

We prepare your home for painting but often we come across timber rot which cannot be filled. This requires our qualified Carpenters to use their skills to cut out the rot and replace with new timber. We offer a one-stop-shop approach to home restoration.

So these are our process of painting exterior for any industrial, commercial and residential buildings. Our work is not only has process but also well-organised.

Why choose us?

Now you might be thinking something like this “Should I hire Painters Edmonton or not?” Right? Its better to choose the best of the best painting contractor. But your decision should be right, which do not lets you to be in tension. So, take right decision now. But wait here is a little glimpse of benefits of choosing us:

  • Licensed and Insured
  • Number of Satisfied Clients
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • Professional and Experienced
  • Affordable and Cheap Prices
  • 100% Client Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Eco-friendly low VOC paints
  • Minimal disruption
  • Two Year Guarantee of Quality
  • Highly skilled
  • FREE Color Consultation
  • 6 Years Experience in the Industry
  • 4 Years written Guarantee
  • Fully Insured with Workers Compensation
  • Fully Bonded with Criminal Background Checked

These are just some of the benefits from our full list. We provide even more benefits that those, you will know if you choose us as your preference.

So, you are impressed and liked all these.

“Having one contractor like ‘Painters Edmonton’ that can complete the entire project from preparation, through carpentry repairs, to final paint will make your life much easier and protect your investment for many years to come!”  Thomas Edward

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