Edmonton: A City of Opportunity and Culture

Edmonton: Neighborhood, Place of Interests, Attraction & Landmarks

Edmonton is a Canadian city located in the heart of the province of Alberta. Edmonton is on the North Saskatchewan River and is the center of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, which is surrounded by Alberta’s two other major cities; Calgary, to the south and west, and Fort McMurray, to the east. It has been dubbed Canada’s Festival City due to its accolades for being very multicultural and also for being home to one of the largest urban parks in North America. The city stands as the center or commercial capital of Canada’s northern Alberta region and is known to be the hub of major oil pipelines in Western Canada.

It’s a busy city where you can enjoy great solace. It’s celebrated as the “Gateway to the North”, with excellent shopping destinations and hotels. Edmontonians are friendly and hospitable people and are respectful of diversity.

Edmonton is also one of the most successful cities in Canada by all measures. It was voted “Canada’s Best City” six years running (2008 to 2013) by readers of Travel + Leisure magazine. A lack of corporate headquarters has helped keep it a small and intimate city that is well known for its high quality of life and low cost of living. 


Edmonton neighborhood

Edmonton is full of vibrant communities of people. Whether you live near the river valley or deep in the heart of downtown, you’re sure to find a neighborhood that speaks to you.

From central neighborhoods like Oliver and Downtown to areas in the outer ring-like Terwillegar and the far north end, Edmonton is the perfect place to make a home.


Central Neighborhoods

The inner core of Edmonton is home to many diverse neighborhoods. From Westmount to Queen Mary Park and Oliver, there’s something for everyone in these bustling areas close to downtown.


North Side Neighborhoods

Just outside the downtown core are some of Edmonton’s best-loved neighborhoods. These communities include Glenora, Westmount, and Woodcroft. They’re close enough for an easy commute but have the charm of a suburban lifestyle.


South Side Neighborhoods

Located south of Whyte Avenue are many charming neighborhoods like Garneau, Bonnie Doon, and Strathcona. Neighbors here love their close proximity to great shopping, restaurants, and entertainment on Whyte Ave as well as scenic cycling trails along the river valley.


East Side Neighborhoods

The eastern side of Edmonton features communities like Ottewell and Idylwylde where residents love living close to Mill Creek Ravine and the river valley.


West Side Neighborhoods

There are some beautiful communities on the western side of Edmonton. Woodcroft, Westmount, and Westdale are all within walking distance of the river valley and have the feel of a smaller town.


Top 15 Neighborhoods of Edmonton:

1. Old Strathcona

2. Riverdale

3. North Glenora

4. St. Albert

6. Fort Saskatchewan

7. Leduc

8. Stony Plain

9. River Valley

10. Strathcona

12. Sherwood Park

11. Castle Downs

11. South Edmonton

13. Jasper Place

14. Spruce Grove

15. Mill Creek



Public transport system near Edmonton

The Greater Edmonton area is served by a variety of public transportation systems, including a municipal bus system, operated by Edmonton Transit System (ETS), a regional bus service operated by Edmonton International Airport (EIA), and Edmonton Transit System, an intercity bus system, an airport rail line called the Capital Line and LRT.

Edmonton Transit System (ETS) provides bus service throughout the city of Edmonton. ETS also operates a fleet of electric trolley buses on two routes in the city’s downtown core. As of March 2014, the ETS fleet includes 963 regular buses, 258 community buses, and 155 electric trolleybuses.

A new light rail transit system called the Capital Line was opened in April 1978 with five stations. The line was later expanded north to Clareview Station in 1981, then south to Century Park Terminal in April 2010. In 2014, Metro Line opened with three stations providing service to NAIT and MacEwan University after a three-year delay due to signaling problems. A new south LRT extension from Century Park to Ellerslie Road/Derbyshire Boulevard is under construction and will be completed by 2020.


The places of interest in and around Edmonton

Edmonton is a wonderful city situated in the province of Alberta, Canada. It has a lot of places of interest, including the West Edmonton Mall—the largest mall in North America—and universities and museums. There are many places of interest in and around Edmonton, so here is a list of only the most notable:

  1. West Edmonton Mall
  2. Art Gallery of Alberta
  3. World Waterpark
  4. Muttart Conservatory
  5. Fort Edmonton Park
  6. Royal Alberta Museum
  7. Elk Island National Park
  8. Edmonton Valley Zoo
  9. Galaxyland
  10. TELUS World of Science – Edmonton
  11. Alberta Aviation Museum
  12. Alberta Legislature Building
  13. Hawrelak Park
  14. Alberta Railway Museum
  15. University of Alberta Botanic Garden


There are many places to visit in Edmonton and its surrounding area, especially if you love nature. For example, if you enjoy learning about animals and their habitats, then you should consider visiting Elk Island, National Park. Not only does this park have bison, but it is also home to elk, moose, and beavers that roam freely throughout it. Another interesting place to visit is Wabamum Lake Provincial Park. This park offers many things to do such as fishing, bird watching, camping, and even gold panning. If you are looking for some fun adventure activities, then you should look no further than Fort Edmonton Park or West Edmonton Mall.

If you prefer a more urban setting with plenty of shopping opportunities as well as other things to do such as fine dining experiences or live theatre performances; then perhaps a day spent in downtown Edmonton would be just what you are looking for!


Attractions in Edmonton

This is a list of tourist attractions in and around Edmonton, Alberta.

West Edmonton Mall – the world’s largest shopping mall.

Old Strathcona – historic district of the University of Alberta.

Fort Edmonton Park – a living history museum that recreates life in Edmonton from 1846 to 1920.

Old Strathcona – district of historic brick buildings with tree-lined streets and funky shops, restaurants, and bars; home of the annual Fringe Festival.

Elk Island National Park – bison reserve where you can drive through herds of bison in your car; also has elk, moose, and deer.

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village – an outdoor museum that depicts the life of Ukrainian homesteaders in rural Alberta from 1892 to 1930.

The Art Gallery of Alberta – a modern art gallery on Sir Winston Churchill Square downtown; opened in January 2010.

Whyte Avenue – is a trendy street with a large concentration of pubs, clubs, restaurants, and shops in Old Strathcona.

Commonwealth Stadium – sports stadium home to the Edmonton Eskimos and former site of the Commonwealth Games; hosts concerts during the summer months. Includes a 24-tonne bronze statue called The Spirit of Edmonton outside its entrance gates on 118 Avenue between 87 Street and 92 Street, which shows people from all walks

The Edmonton Zoo – is a world-renowned zoo, with an emphasis on conservation.

River Valley Farm Park – zoo and amusement park, with a herd of bison.

Royal Alberta Museum – contains exhibits on Alberta’s history, natural history, and ethnology.

Edmonton Valley Zoo – is an award-winning zoo with a focus on conservation.

City Centre – Edmonton’s downtown business district.


Landmarks in Edmonton

Edmonton is a city filled with landmarks, from its many parks and river valley trails to historical sites. Here we give you a rundown of the top 10 landmarks in Edmonton. Visit these places to get a sense of Edmonton’s history and culture, or take your visitors on a tour of the city using this list as your guide.


City Hall

City Hall is the seat of municipal government for the City of Edmonton. The building was constructed in 1913-1914, replacing the previous City Hall, which was destroyed by fire in 1911.

The building is considered to be one of the finest examples of Renaissance Revival architecture in the city. It was designed by architects Francis Rattenbury and William H. Young. The architects drew inspiration from the Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome. The building was constructed by the firm of Gourlay Bros. of St. Albert.

City Hall was the first public building to be designated a heritage property in the city. The City Council designated the building in 1976.



Chinatown is a small area of Edmonton’s downtown bounded by Jasper Avenue, 107 Street, 111 Street, and 109 Street. As a result of Edmonton’s multicultural history, there are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Vietnamese, and Indian communities in the area. The Edmonton Chinatown Heritage Association was formed in 1979.

The Edmonton Chinatown is the oldest of its kind in Canada. The area is characterized by Victorian-era buildings and several heritage properties.


The Legislature Building

The Alberta Legislature Building is one of Edmonton’s most prominent landmarks. The building is home to the Alberta Legislative Assembly and its members, who govern the province. See where important decisions are made, and enjoy the beautiful grounds surrounding the building.


Stanley Milner Library

This library, which opened in 1967, is known for its distinctive pyramid-like shape. It has evolved into an important cultural center with a variety of services for people of all ages.


Muttart Conservatory

This botanical garden houses four distinct pyramid-shaped greenhouses that have become major attractions in Edmonton. Each greenhouse replicates a different climate, from tropical to temperate to arid regions around the world. 


Royal Alberta Museum

Established in 1955, this museum offers exhibits about natural history and human history in Alberta, as well as traveling exhibitions from around the world. The museum was scheduled to be demolished in 2010 to make way for a new museum, but a campaign to save the building was successful. The museum was renamed the Royal Alberta Museum in 2015.


Heritage Square

Heritage Square is a historic district in the central part of Edmonton. The district is located in the central business district and is home to the Art Gallery of Alberta, the Art Gallery of Edmonton, and the Alberta Legislature Building.

The district was designated a Heritage Square in 1984. The buildings in the district are considered to be a unique collection of architectural styles.


Fort Edmonton Park

Fort Edmonton Park is a living history museum that recreates life in Edmonton from 1846 to 1920. The park was established in 1912 and has been a National Historic Site since 1978. The park has been expanded several times and is now the largest park in Canada. The park is a popular destination for tourists and is home to the Museum of Alberta.


The Mill Creek Conservation Area

The Mill Creek Conservation Area is an urban park located in Edmonton’s downtown. The park is bounded by 109 Street, 104 Street, Jasper Avenue, and 100 Avenue. It was created in 1979 and is home to the Mill Creek Public Golf Course.

The park is characterized by several mature trees, including many black cherry trees.


Government House

Government House is the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta. It is located at 101 Street and 101A Avenue in the downtown area of Edmonton.

The house was built in 1906. It is one of the most historic buildings in Edmonton. The building is currently used as a residence for the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta.



Is Edmonton safe?

Edmonton is a safe and friendly city. When it comes to safety, Edmonton has the lowest crime rate of any major Canadian city and is one of the safest cities in North America.


Is Edmonton a wealthy city?

Yes, Edmonton is a very prosperous city. It is rated as high income, low unemployment, low taxes, low debt, high wealth, low violent crime, and a low commute time.


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