Drywall Installation and Repair – Edmonton, AB


Are you looking for affordable drywall installation/repair companies in Edmonton, AB?

Painters Edmonton specializes in repairing drywall and texturing to blend with your existing wall/ceiling texture to completely blend. We call this an invisible repair because after paint, it will look like it was never there! Get in touch with Painters Edmonton today for a free drywall installation and repair estimate.

A properly done drywall installation makes the partitioning of your house ergonomically sound. A good drywall installation makes your walls look uniformly straight, upright and smooth. We use top quality drywall in all our installations so that the drywalls merge from one to the other seamlessly. We deploy quality drywalls that become a permanent canvas for any paint your heart desires.

Drywall installation requires patience, focus and strength, which we have an abundance of. We do not cut corners when it comes to drywall installation because we care about the value add we put into your house or building.


Experiencing Drywall Damage?


Common instances that will cause damage to drywall are:

  • Door knob went through the drywall.
  • Water damage.
  • Fire damage.
  • Foot through the wall.
  • Fist through the wall.
  • Removing cabinets or fixtures
  • Hit the wall a little too hard with furniture.
  • Etc.. The list goes on!

Regardless of how your drywall has become damaged, our drywall experts can repair your drywall quickly and on-budget. For a free drywall installation and repair estimate, please call or request a quote today!